Zyoptic 100 + Eye-Tracker

The « Zyoptix 100 » laser from Bausch & Lomb is a high frequency laser with the benefits of the latest technical developments:

  • Advanced personalised treatment (APT) improves night vision and visual quality (comparable to high-definition image processing)
  • The Eye-Tracker system (which follows ocular movement) increases the security and precision of the treatment
  • The SupraCor system allows for the treatment of presbyopia in mostly hypermetropic patients
  • The iris recognition system necessary for the Eye-Tracker system
  • The Tissue Saving system to save corneal tissue

Equipement Vision Laser

Femtosecond laser

The Ziemer Femtosecond Laser LDV Z4, produced by Ziemer, is a laser that allows the creation of a corneal flap (phase 1) without the use of a blade. The concentration of laser pulses creates a precise and regular flap. The Femtosecond Lasik increases precision and safety when creating the corneal flap.

More information about Ziemer

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