Orbscan 3

L’Orbscan 3 uses the latest technology. This device is used to analyse the structure of your cornea to detect any weaknesses. With this device, the surgeon obtains a mapping of the posterior and anterior corneal surface, and the thickness at all the points of your cornea. The regularity of your cornea is thus analysed and the surgeon may suggest the laser treatment most suited to your eye.

Le Score

The Score Analyser is software used to assist in the clinical evaluation and decision. It draws on data from the Orbscan 3 and gives a criterion of eligibility. This software is an additional security measure in the preoperative analysis.

Orbscan 3, the Score Analyser, the thickness of your cornea, the analysis of your eye and the type of refractive error permit the surgeon to decide whether an operation is possible. To date, the Score Analyser is the first automated system for detecting and anticipating corneal pathologies.

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