In 2003, Doctors Sylviane von Gunten, Bijan Farpour and Philippe Desmangles formed a partnership and created Vision Laser Centre. Having practised for several years in the field of eye surgery, they then specialised in the exciting field of refractive surgery.

Vision Laser Centre is where performance and technology join forces to free patients of prescription glasses and lenses comfortably, safely, and in compliance with the Code of Medical Ethics.

In 2013, Vision Laser Centre – constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in this type of surgery – acquired the very latest technology, “Femto Laser”, becoming the first centre in Geneva to offer this innovative technique to its patients. This was in addition to the previous improvements upon which the Centre’s reputation was built: Eye-Tracker, personalised treatment (APT), Score and SupraCor. Our sole aim: effective results, the latest technology, and maximum safety for your visual comfort.

As they have done for the last 15 years, Vision Laser Centre and its medical personnel are committed to providing you with quality care that meets your expectations, in pleasant surroundings.

Our doctors and experts to accompany you


Fanny and Samira

Secretaries at Vision Laser reception, they are responsible for welcoming and supporting patients, and managing the operating schedules.

Fanny Samira

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